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5 Reasons To Spend Your Next Girly Day Out In Blackpool

For women, a girly day out is a must-have to destress, catch up with your best friends or family and just enjoy being a girl for the day – there’s no crime in that, is there? While many of us will choose big cities which can be difficult to navigate, expensive and stressful, plenty of women are voting for places that are a little more chilled out, or offer them something more than just brunch and shopping. If you’ve ever thought of Blackpool as the setting for your next day out, we’ve gathered a few reasons why that’s a great idea…

1. You Can Sit Down For Afternoon Tea at The Blackpool Tower. If it’s a classy day you’re after, it doesn’t really get much fancier than tea in a ballroom, does it? The Blackpool Tower Ballroom has a range of unique experiences, one of which involves munching on finger sandwiches and slurping Prosecco to your heart’s content while the iconic Wurlitzer plays in the background.

2. You Can Even Have A Sleepover, Yep, A Sleepover. As well as afternoon tea, you can actually have a sleepover in The Blackpool Tower ballroom, with a group of your friends. If your girly day is being extended into a girly weekend, this might just be the perfect way to end your evening. Pass the face masks!

3. There’s Something For Everyone. There’s a range of Blackpool attractions to sink your teeth into, whether you’re a daredevil or just want to relax for the day. From the Pleasure Beach to The Blackpool Tower Dungeon for those of you who like a thrill, to the Blackpool Tower Eye, SEA LIFE Blackpool and Madame Tussaud’s for a more chilled out trip – there really is something for everyone. And if one of you has the bring the rugrats along, there’s plenty to entertain them, including Jungle Jim’s and a whole host of arcades – and of course, the beach!

4. It’s Great For Instagrammable Photos. Did you even have a girly day out if you didn’t take hundreds of photos of the occasion? With the pier, The Blackpool Tower and the beach to contend with, you’re in a prime location to snap your little heart out. And don’t forget the all-important ice cream picture! #GirlsDayOut

5. There’s A Sky High Bar. If your day out is turning into a night out, there’s no better place to have pre-drinks than Bar380, The Blackpool Tower’s newest and fanciest establishment. Situated at the top of the tower, you can sip cocktails (Happy Hour is 6-9pm, FYI), listen to the in-house music and gaze along the coastline to start your night in style. The bar won’t be around forever though, so you’d better hurry up and get those plans in the WhatsApp group!

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