5 Things You Need To Know About New Zealand As The Disciple Of Cricket  

So, if this is the time when your pulse rate races equally with the bowling speed of the pacers in green, blue and red shades, then you are a religious follower of cricket. With Australia and New Zealand serving as your humble hosts this year to make your visit exciting, you need to know some lesser known facts about the nation. New Zealand, one of the hosts this year, is the ideal destination to realise your life to its greatest potentials and to fulfill your greatest love of cricket. The following five things will make your visit and entirely different experience.

  1. Travelling along the course of matches would raise the standards of fun to an entirely different level. And with the match destinations deliciously spread across both the islands, travelling along the road and experiencing the beauty of this place with immensely rich wildlife resources would leave you in a state of ecstatic bliss.

Beginning with Auckland, culture of which is known to be a vibrant amalgam of the natural beauty and adventurous lifestyle, your journey on this cricket tour would have an awesome start. With warm and sunny days all year round, after Auckland, Brisbane would be ready to welcome the cricket loving soul of yours and this place would tease your explorer senses so that along with the matches you can experience its natural splendour. The next destination, Christchurch, has the best tourist attractions within an easy drive and reach. Spread in surrounding valleys and hills, Dunedin may be your stop to experience the rich academic culture of the town. Your travel along the way would next be blessed with the historic city of Hamilton. Sunny climate of the city of Napier would give you the fill of all the urban cultural trends. And to culminate your visit, Nelson would serve as the ultimate hub of long beaches and untouched forests.

Thus, along with fulfilling your passion to witness the greatest event of the world of cricket, you can dwell in the essence of the local lifestyle of the islands.

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  1. Owing to the awesome road network and less traffic of New Zealand, this year’s ICC world cup will bring you the most unique experiences. Hire a car of your choice

    and fulfill the best road trips that can ever be experienced.

  2. The country considers the game of cricket, not merely an entertainment, but a part of their lifestyle and once here, you would feel the warmth of being home as a cricket lover. And after visiting all these beautiful destinations pulsating with the love of cricket, you would end up loving each moment spent here.
  3. The idea of matches being jointly hosted leaves you with a lot of time to interact and understand the varied culture of this cricket fanatic, sports loving country. The isolation of these islands leaves them immensely rich in natural heritage
  4. Sports, or more precisely, cricket is all about the passion and emotions and what better way to revive and replenish your emotional well being than by drenching in the ethereal beauty of the country and indulging in your favorite sport.


Thus, to experience heaven as a cricket lover got cannot afford to miss this tournament and travel along the way through the best places of the world.


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