Exploring Tokyo – Fish Market Fun

Exploring Tokyo - Fish Market FunTokyo is an exciting and interesting place to live and visit, purely from the diversity and potential. When I visited it was clear that I was living in a vibrant, neon lit metropolis that was possibilities unlimited. The choice of entertainment and other activities was hard to choose from, with a  smorgasbord of options. I could go to the ballet, a bar, a restaurant, or even one of the beautifully delicate parks. It really is a mistake to think of Tokyo in the terms of the common misconception of an island of technology stores and very little else.

Like anyone, I had the silly concept that sushi was not any thing more than chopped up raw fish. I was wrong, and was taught the error of my ways at the Tsukijishijō Station. This was very close to the Tokyo apartments I was staying in. I was nervous to try the produce as Wagamama had served all my sushi needs before. I have to say, I am not the biggest lover of fish, but, when in Rome…

Exploring Tokyo - Fish Market FunWesterners will not easily adapt to the mores of the Japanese fish markets. There is nothing to be scared of, but everything gets done at 5.00am, and a lot of stalls close at 11.00am. But the things that you can buy! The thing is, they are not that different to the markets of any Mediterranean country. Where freshness is king, the time is not just another element, it is the core of everything. The experience is more compulsive, though. Beautiful fish, silvery and incandescent, the feeling of being part of a community, and more importantly, you know it’s locally sourced and fresh as can be.In Tsukijishijō Station it is there everyday without fail, with added free theater from the auctions and negotiations on show.


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