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Highway 1 Revisited

While driving up Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, is considered an iconic drive, maybe second to Route 66. Renting a car, using Budget Rental Car Coupons, driving through the many twists and curves of two-lane freeway is intense and exhilarating. While there is a cornucopia of spots to stop and further explore, these are my favorites:


Muir Woods:
Named after naturalist John Muir, the grove of redwood trees makes you feel like a teeny ant. Even though it was a cloudless, sunny day, the inside of the forest was cold, dark and other-worldly. And then I remembered this was the Ewok forest in Return of the Jedi!

This is such a great spot. Hard to believe it was less than an hour from San Francisco. This is such a peaceful and organic spot, everyone should get out of the city and hike a couple of hours to enjoy the intense scenery.

Bodega Bay

This is where the Russian River meets the Pacific. This is also where Alfred Hitchcock filmed the Birds. There is something remote and and eerie about this area.

When we hiked round the bay, despite a lot of traffic, we were totally alone. The scenery is pretty spectacular and hanging out and just looking into the Pacific is a must for anyone driving up this far. This is a great place to relax and just contemplate the all that we saw from LA up to this point.

This is where suddenly you have made sense of it all. I was one of many who has taken this drive, but I think the meaning of this journey is going to be different to everyone. There was a feeling that you passed a sort of initiation that will always stay with you.

Then we drove over to the Russian River Pub and had the BEST Spicy BBQ Burger I have ever eaten. Sometimes, a good meal after a good think is what it is all about. And don’t forget a great local craft beer.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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