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Thailand: the land of luxury

Those who want to treat themselves to a special kind of holiday should write Southeast Asia Thailand on their wish list. Thailand is known for its tropical beaches, its opulent royal palaces and its ancient ruins. Particularly impressive is the difference between the traditions and the modern developments in the country. Especially in the capital Bangkok you can clearly feel this difference. In Bangkok, visitors are welcomed by ultramodern skyscrapers and an impressive skyline. But also quiet settlements along the canal and the well-known temples are to be perceived. So please Thailand a great perspective for tourists who love the luxury and variety. If you are traveling to Thailand, you should definitely visit the capital Bangkok.

The most popular holiday destinations in Thailand

If you are traveling to Thailand you should think carefully about where you would like to travel. Thailand offers a variety of travel destinations that are considered particularly popular. One of the most popular travel destinations is, of course, the capital Bangkok. Here, guests will find grand palaces and exciting nightlife. The city of Pattaya is also popular with German tourists. The seaside resort can impress with many attractions. The beaches invite you to relax and unwind. Of course, Pattaya also offers different religious temples and attractions. To emphasize is the exciting nightlife which you should try with the Escort Agency Dusseldorf, which prevails daily in the city. Also very popular is the resort of Patong. The seaside resort is located in Phuket and is still unknown to tourists. Tourists get here 3 km long sandy beaches and numerous luxury hotels offered. The vibrant nightlife is also present here, as in other cities in Thailand.

Who plans a trip to Thailand should not neglect the destination Bangkok. The capital of Thailand offers not only an exciting nightlife, but also an intense cultural design. There are many different sights visitors can see in Bangkok. Bangkok is known for its artful sanctuaries and vibrant life. Who needs change on vacation, should choose Bangkok as a destination. Particularly noteworthy is the large palace which served as a former royal residence. Today this palace is a museum. It is a magnificent royal palace built in 1782.

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