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The undiscovered dream island: vacation in the Cook Islands

Who loves the extraordinary and the special, will not want to refuse a holiday in a special area. Resorts are around the world, most of them are already heavily populated by tourists. No matter if you are traveling to Thailand, Italy or Greece, there are many vacationers everywhere. But there are also extraordinary places in the world that are considered real dream destinations. Unfortunately, these are not very well known. If you want to get to know the unknown corners of the world should not neglect the Cook Islands. Anyone who has not heard of the Cook Island until now has missed a dream destination so far. The islands are described as undiscovered dream islands. Those who have the courage to explore these islands, will experience a unique holiday. The islands are considered a classic South Sea dream and could have sprung from a fantasy. Tourists get to see a mixture of powdered sugar beaches and turquoise waters. The perfect mix to get away from everyday stress and just let your mind wander.

Far away and beautiful

The Cook Islands are of course very far away but also beautiful. They are ideal for a romantic holiday for two with the Escort Agency Dusseldorf or a holiday in complete seclusion. Overcrowded beaches definitely do not exist on this island. The Cook Islands are a state in the South Pacific with political connection to New Zealand. In total, 15 islands can be described as Cook Islands. These 15 islands are not close to each other, but are widespread. Rough mountains rise up on the largest island in the archipelago. There is also the capital Avarua. The Cook Islands are so in many ways to visit and offer great variety. For example, the island of Aitutaki, in the north, has large lagoons. Surrounded by smaller sandy islands, this island offers a heavenly image to travellers. For most travellers, the numerous snorkelling and diving sites are popular.

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