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10 Must-See Sights of Miami That Will Make You Want to Settle There


is the place to be for people from all walks of life. Whether you are an aspiring artist or a luxury holiday seeker, Miami has something for everyone. No matter how long or short your stay in Miami is going to be, try to check all of the following off of your list.


The sun and sand of Miami is the main reason why people travel to the city. There are many beaches that one can go to. All the beaches offer different attractions and atmospheres. Beach parties are extremely common and fun. Some of the beaches you can try to visit when in Miami are:

  • Lummus Park Beach
  • Surfside
  • Crandon Park
  • Fort Lauderdale Beach
  • South Beach

These are only a few of the beaches that you can check out in Miami.


Everglades National Park is a unique ecosystem. There are many rare animals and birds that you might come across in the Everglades. Going to the Everglades on your own should not be your plan. When visiting the Everglades go with a tour group. With a tour group, you get to see and learn more about the place.

Jungle Island

Minutes away from South Beach and Downtown Miami is an adventure destination. Jungle Island is an eco-adventure park where you get to see and interact with animals and birds. If you are not interested in animals then you can have a fun adventure time here. There are wind tunnels, zip lines, escape rooms, and Nerf battle stadiums and other attractions.

Art Deco District

Wandering around the Art Deco District

is a magical experience. relive the 30’s nostalgia through the architecture of the area. There are many Art Deco-inspired restaurants where you can stop for a meal while you are there.

Bayside Marketplace

The waterfront marketplace is a perfect destination for tourists to rub shoulders with the locals. Shops, cafes and restaurants are popular hangouts for locals. You are likely to get to know new people when visiting this marketplace.

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Little Havana

Miami is highly influenced by Cuban culture. You can get a strong dose of the Cuban influence in Little Havana. It is where many Cuban immigrants settle. The restaurants here serve authentic Cuban food. Get a taste of Cuba while in Miami.


There are many museums in Miami that you can visit. Art museums, Science museums and Children’s museums are plenty in Miami. Each museum offers a unique experience.


Bayfront Park is a popular hangout for locals. The park offers a relaxing atmosphere and an amphitheatre where musical performances take place regularly. There are other parks, like Crandon Park, where you can spend a relaxing evening.

Venetian Pool

Slightly out of the way is a beautiful historic aquatic facility. The pool gets its water from underground springs. It is a popular destination and tickets tend to sell out very fast.

Helicopter Tour

The newest trend in Miami tourism is helicopter tours. Book Miami sightseeing helicopter tours

and avoid the lines that you need to stand in to get any sightseeing done. You will be taken around Miami and given a bird’s eye view of the city. Once you get a helicopter tour of Miami you can narrow down on the places where you want to visit during your stay.

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