10 Reasons to Choose Nice for your Gap Year

Gap years allow us to gain a fresh world perspective and to acquire new skills – and what could be more valuable than learning a new language? French is one of the most commonly spoken languages across the globe and if there’s one location that’s ideal to learn it in, it’s Nice.


Yet there’s much more to look forward to than just the opportunity to learn French in Nice. For anyone hoping to truly immerse themselves in the architecture, cuisine and the French way of life, here are 10 reasons why Nice is the place to do it in.


10 Reasons to Choose Nice for your Gap Year

 1.   Size

Paris might be renowned as the city of culture and love, but it’s also a hub for tourists. Nearly everyone in the city has developed some rudimentary, if not fluent, English to accommodate the influx of foreign visitors. This means it’s very easy to revert back to the language you’re most comfortable in.

Nice on the other hand is small enough for you to have to rely on your new French language skills. If you’re having more trouble picking up French than you imagined, courses like ESL Language Travel specialise in fine tuning people’s language skills and preparing them for life in a new country.

2.   Cuisine

Want to sample the best of French food? Forget the clichéd frogs’ legs in Paris. Nice can boast everything from charming delicatessens to Michelin starred dining.

3.   Culture

For culture vultures, Nice is a hub of museums, art galleries and fascinating architecture. It also hosts some  exciting events like the Nice Jazz Festival and the February Carnival, which attract tourists the world over.

4.   Nightlife

From the chic bars and cocktail lounges to the bohemian theatres and cabarets, there are endless ways to stay entertained on a night out in Nice.

10 Reasons to Choose Nice for your Gap Year

5.   The parklands

We can’t spend every moment on a gap year visiting the sights and attractions. Sometimes you just need a place to chill out and relax and Nice has those in abundance. Head to the shady hilltop of Parc du château for stunning views over the spires of Nice.

6.   The history

Did you know Nice wasn’t considered truly French until 1830 when Napoleon struck a deal? This fact and many more make up the fascinating historic and cultural fabric that is Nice.

7.   The transport

Don’t have a car? Don’t panic – public transport system in Nice makes it easy to navigate the city on a budget, not to mention travel to and from neighbouring cities.

8.   The landscape

Head to the Parc National du Mercantour to explore some of France’s last surviving wilderness. Stretching for 685 sq. km and spread across 6 valleys, you’ll discover everything from snowy alpine conditions to delightful Mediterranean warmth.

 9.   The locals

Forget the stereotypes about French arrogance – the locals in Nice are a warm and welcoming bunch. However, starting out in any new country can initially make you feel a little isolated. That’s why discovering a community who shares your interests and goals can really help you to find your feet and learn the language. Why not visit a page like the ESL Language Travel Twitter account to get in touch with other expats and to stay up to date with the latest news and courses available.

10.         The sunny escapes

People venture to Nice every year to bask on their iconic shoreline, so why shouldn’t you enjoy it all year round?

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