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24 hours in Brighton!


Brighton is famed for its delightful, independent atmosphere, as well as its lovely Regency-era architecture. It is one of Britain’s most vivacious cities; nestled between the South Downs to the North and the English Channel to the south, the city is a tourist magnet for nature lovers.

If you are in Brighton for the first time, then buckle up because we will guide you through a series of exciting adventures to make the most of your day here.

Watch the Sunrise at 7AM

If you appreciate nature and its lovely endowments, then you will love mornings in Brighton. Take some time to get up early from your comfy lodge at Malmaison Brighton

and watch the sunrise, it is easily one of the most picturesque things you will ever see, I promise. The skies are often splashed with gorgeous shades of red, pink and orange above the ocean at Brighton Beach

– talk of a beautiful way to start your day.


Have Breakfast at The New Club

The New Club offers wholesome meals with a creative edge. Since its inception three years ago, the owners have transformed a relatively deserted building into one of Britain’s coveted breakfast and brunch spots. The building has high ceilings, large windows and breath-taking views of the sea, it is no wonder people find themselves drawn to it whenever they can. Meals are cooked with Fairtrade, organic ingredients and locally-grown foodstuff, right on-site.

Tour the City on Brighton’s Historicycles

Historicycles- what’s that? They are an element of Brighton’s history- a mix of retro-culture and the city’s love for bicycles. Historicycles

offer that California-design Electra beach cruiser bikes- lauded for its comfort- complete with actors to guide you along the tour. The two-hour tour takes you through the most interesting parts of Brighton’s history, including locations and famous characters.

Stop for Ice Cream at Gelato Gusto

By now you are probably parched from all that riding, so stop at the Gelato Gusto, for this beautiful gelataria offers a novel creamy twist on the long-held British ritual of ice cream at the beach. There are freshly-picked lilies on every table, white-painted floors and open brickworks. The Gelato Gusto is reminiscent of a traditional ice cream parlor with its own custom flavor combinations.


Visit Brighton Sea Life Centre and see the World’s Oldest Aquarium

The center was first opened in 1872. This historically rich landmark features original architecture from the Victorian era and the world’s oldest aquarium, which is still operational for all to see. The Sea life centre also contains the UK’s first glass-bottom boat- right next to Brighton’s iconic pier. There are also over 5000 sea creatures to get acquainted with, just watch out for the poisonous dart frogs!

Relax at the Shuttle Bar for Cocktails

Like the sunrise, Brighton’s sunset is also a delight to watch, don’t miss out on it.

After your long day, cap it off with a round of cocktails at Shuttle Bar, there are over 100 to choose from on the menu. This doesn’t come as a surprise though, because the owner Paul Mason, finished as a finalist in the 1996 World Cocktail Flair Championships


There’s a lot more you can do in Brighton, which isn’t enough for one post. Get adventurous and have fun.

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