3 Of The Best Apps When Travelling The World

3 Of The Best Apps When Travelling The World

While travelling the world is a fun, exciting and once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is not without its challenges. You may find that you have large periods of time that you are forced to spend idle, for example, as you travel between individual locations across the globe.

Although you may think that the multitude of apps in your smartphone can keep you occupied, it is important to download relevant and quality travel apps

which help you to spend your time wisely. Without this, global travel can become a significant drain on your time and energy.

3 of the best apps for Global Travel

With this in mind, we have selected three of the best apps for global travel, with a particular focus on organisational tools and those that have a uniquely fun and interactive theme. These include: –



This is the ultimate travel app, and one that can be used wherever you go in the world. A free-to-access iOS tool, Rome2Rio features a huge database of routes and GPS information, including the details of numerous cities and landmarks from across the globe.

As a traveler, you can search this information to plot routes from one location to another, while also accessing multi-modal options to suit your circumstances. The app also includes a real-time tracker, so you can follow your progress and make the most of every single travel experience.

The RedFlush Online Casino App


For those of you who like to remain occupied during long and drawn-out trips, it is important that you seek out apps that deliver the fun factor. Gaming apps are ideally suited to meet this need!

Many popular Red Flush casino table games

are available, such as Poker and Blackjack, as well as new interactive, real-time slots.

These can help you to while away the hours on long journeys, without costing the earth or forcing you to leave the comfort of your seat. They have constant promotions including a welcome $1000 bonus so you will always have some extra money to bet with.



When you have arrived at a new location, it is important to seek out the best bars, restaurants and cafes for all of your recreational needs. If the idea of walking the streets and using the process of trial and error to find the best eateries does not appeal to you, it is important to find an app that can help you.

This is where Urbanspoon

can come into play, as this app uses GPS technology to produce a real-time list of local establishments within a fixed radius. With information from major cities such as London included already and new outlets being added all the time, you can even prioritize your results based on price, popularity and the type of cuisine available.

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