3 Outdoor Hunting Adventures In Iceland

3 Outdoor Hunting Adventures In Iceland

3 Outdoor Hunting Adventures In Iceland

Iceland may be best known for its ice hotels,

 glaciers and fishing opportunities, but there are also plenty of hunting opportunities. You can easily arrange a geese or a ptarmigan hunt, and can even speak to local organizations to arrange a day of reindeer hunting.

If you want to go on a outdoor hunting adventure in a breath-taking location that is filled with volcanoes, snow, ice and bears, Iceland is the place for you. Here are three awesome outdoor hunting adventures you can do in Iceland.

Puffin hunting

Iceland is the only place in the world where you are allowed to hunt puffins. The type of puffin that can be hunted is called the Atlantic puffin, and the hunting trip normally lasts for around five days. You will need to hire your own equipment in the area if you don’t have your own, and a day’s hunt can produce between 50 and 100 puffins. You can also double up and do some fishing during the hunt!

Hunting season in Iceland takes place from the beginning of September to the end of April, so it lasts for the majority of the year, but you can only hunt puffins between April 15th and April 25th, so you will need to book your trip at the right time.

3 Outdoor Hunting Adventures In Iceland

Reindeer hunting

You can also hunt reindeer in Iceland. There are herds of thousands of reindeer in Eastern Iceland, and there are nine defined hunting areas

 that you can visit. All of the reindeer are wild, so you will be hunting free roaming animals, but be warned that the hunts can take over a week to complete.

The reindeer hunting season runs from mid-July to mid-September. If you want to bring your own rifle equipment to the hunt, take the time to check out a range of hunting rifle scopes 

to increase the chances of a successful hunt. It is also worth noting that tourists who want to hunt in Iceland need to obtain a temporary gun licence

 from the police, and to do this you will need a hunting license from your own country.

Ptarmigan hunting

Ptarmigan hunting is one of the most popular hunting adventures in Iceland. Hunters search for the wild Rock Ptarmigan in Eastern Iceland, and most trips last for between three and five days. The hunting season for ptarmigans starts in late October and runs until mid-December, but you can only hunt between Friday and Sunday.

There are lots of fantastic outdoor hunting adventures in Iceland, from birds to reindeer to fishing. Just make sure to invest in a permit if you want to take a hunting trip to Iceland.

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