5 Top Spa Hotels in Italy

No matter where you’re planning to stay in Italy, you’re never far away from luxury and relaxation. Here’s a list of the top 5 Spa Hotels in Italy. You can visit this article from the Guardian

for more details on spas in Italy.

Italy San Gimignano

1) Rosa Alpina Hotel & Spa

This is one of the nicer, more luxurious Spa/Hotels. Their Spa boasts an impressive range of treatments and facilities that makes paying a little extra just that much more worth it. On top of their famous customer service, they offer technologically advanced fitness equipment, luxurious treatment areas, an indoor swimming pool, Finnish Sauna, and steam baths, the Rosa Alpina Spa brings relaxation and fitness to any vacation.

2) Grand Hotel et de Milan

Founded in 1863, the Grand Hotel et de Milan is busy celebrating their 150th anniversary. Needless to say, a Spa/Hotel that has been around for 150 years has most likely picked up a few tricks. In other words, by now, they pretty much wrote the book on how to run a luxury Spa and Hotel. According to their site, their goal has been, and remains, to preserve the charm of an ancient Milanese “house”, and they certainly know how to ensure your stay in Milan will be more than memorable.

3) Spa’Deus

This spa is actually considered by many to be one of the best Spa/Hotels in all of Europe. Not bad, right? It’s also just a three minutes drive from the elegant Tuscan town of Chianciano, which means that just because you payed to spend your vacation in style and comfort, doesn’t mean you won’t have some good opportunities to experience the local culture.

4) Villa Eden

According to the Spa/Hotel website, “a detailed study by Cornell University (USA) proved that a vacation in a destination spa is much more effective than in any other type of wellness centre”. Amen to that. There’s something extraordinarily relaxing about this place, yet that relaxation never feels forced. For those of you who like to get the most out of your vacations, consider Villa Eden – you may be surprised at the return you’ll receive in the form of mental health and relaxation.

5) Grand Hotel Imperiale Resort & Spa

Set on the small peninsula on Lake Como, Italy holidays at the Grand Hotel Imperiale is one of the more impressive Spa/Hotels this list has to offer. The resort’s unique blend of original art nouveau design and tastefully modern décor. Personally, I think this place is worth every cent you’ll be paying simply for the breathtaking views of the lake their rooms offer. Truly a fantastic way to experience everything Italy has to offer, and much, much more.

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