5 Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Traveling To London

5 Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Traveling To London

London is constantly evolving every day. This can make for a confusing trip especially if it is a fairly short trip and you are trying to navigate the tube, visit the free museums, or even just want to know how much to tip. Here are five tips that I have learned first hand.

How to find St. Paul Cathedral in London

#1 Sometimes it is quicker to just walk

In London the subway is called the “tube”. Most tube stops are actually fairly close to one another. For instance, Leicester Square to Covent Garden is just a 3 minute walk. That is why it is sometimes faster and cheaper to walk around London rather than paying for the London underground

. This will not only save you money, but it will save you a lot of  time and hassle.

#2 Most museums and art galleries are free

Don’t get me wrong, donations are expected but not required at these places. For all of you history lovers I would suggest the Maritime museum that showcases Britain’s naval history, from sea battles to exploratory expeditions. Remember not to miss the uniform that Nelson wore on the day of the battle of Trafalgar.

#3 Like most of Europe tipping is not as essential

Tipping at a bar is expected in the states . In London, if you don’t leave a tip after you buy a drink, nobody bats an eye. It is actually completely acceptable to not tip. However, when it comes to going out to restaurants the customary tip is 10-15% compared to the states at 15-20%. For taking a taxi just round up to the nearest pound.

#4 Black Cabs Are Faster

When first arriving to London you should remember that the airport can be very hectic. If you are looking for a Heathrow airport transfer

remember to do your research before you arrive.  Once you are settled you will have a choice on which mode of transportation you will want to use. Blacklane’s service are perfect when you are both in a hurry and want a classy way to get into the city.

Blacklane’s airport transfer service makes business and leisure travel easy, offering a full-service airport shuttle at a surprisingly affordable price! From St Pancras to the fast-paced West End, Blacklane customers can enjoy a relaxing trip to any city destination. Their locally-knowledgeable Blacklane drivers will negotiate the busy London road networks safely.

If price is an issue and you have more time you can always buy an oyster card that will allow you to take the double decker buses that are so iconic to London.

#5 Take An Umbrella

You never know when it is going to downpour in London. They are known to have extremely unpredictable weather

so if you know your going to be out for the day and don’t feel like walking around cold and wet, always remember to take an umbrella or raincoat.

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