6 Drinks That Are Good To Order Anywhere

6 Drinks That Are Good To Order Anywhere

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We’ve all had that moment when we walk into a bar or restaurant somewhere new and have no idea what to order. Will they have the same cocktails as they do back home? Will I be able to find something that I like? Arming yourself with a few classics (and even knowing how to make them), can ensure that you’ll always find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re in the mood for something plain or something sweet, this list covers it all. These universal cocktails

will help you find the perfect drink wherever you may roam!

Old Fashioned

Popular among boyfriends and husbands, the Old Fashioned is as timeless as its name. Walk into pretty much any bar and order an Old Fashioned and the bartender will know exactly what you’re talking about. Usually made with whiskey, bitters, some form of sugar, and garnished with fruit, it’s a no-frills drink that is easily a staple at many bars.

Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule

has become increasing trendy in recent years and is a simple answer to the search for a tasty cocktail that is not too sweet. A mix of vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer this drink survives all four seasons. Popularized by Hollywood celebrities, the Moscow Mule is now a drink that you’ll hear people order time and time again especially after visiting Moscow and taking Moscow tours

around the metropolis.

Whiskey Sour


Another fairly simple cocktail that originates back to the 1870s, is the Whiskey Sour. Every bartender will have the ingredients for this easily on hand, at least for a basic version. Part whiskey, part lemon juice and part simples syrup, it’s a true classic. In some versions, you’ll even find egg whites

mixed in for added richness.


A margarita in its purest form consists simply of tequila, triple sec, and of course lime juice. Whether you prefer yours on the rocks or frozen with a salt or sugar rim, a margarita is really a drink that is catered to you. And of course, many bars have a variety of flavor options to spice things up even more!

French 75

Another cocktails that has really taken off recently and can now be found nearly everywhere is the French 75. The perfect combination of gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and champagne, this fizzy drink is perfect any time of day. And even if this drink isn’t on the menu, the bartender is sure to have all of these ingredients to fix up something classy for you.



The drink made famous by the classic line “Shaken not stirred”, the martini can be done to fit  anyone’s taste buds. A few parts gin and a dash of dry vermouth with olives will give you the classic version. But now you can find different flavors like espresso, lychee, and raspberry made with varying spirits as well. You are sure to find some version of a martini anywhere you go!

Now that you have several classic drinks to add to your arsenal, go on and give them a try to see what you like. Having a go-to cocktail that you can order anywhere will help you enjoy those nights out even more. No more stressing about what to order, we’ve got you covered.



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