6 Killer Brisbane Bucks Party Activities

6 Killer Brisbane Bucks Party Activities

Your bucks party should be a night that you and your friends will never forget. Fortunately, Brisbane is a vibrant city with many things to see and do

that cater to the assortment of personalities attending your party. Therefore, you shouldn’t have too much trouble coming up with a variety of ways to create a memorable evening.

Spend Some Time on the Water

One of the best ways to see Brisbane is by spending time on a boat. Whether you want to charter your own boat for the evening or simply take the CityCat ferry, there is plenty to see and do while on the Brisbane River. If you do decide to charter a boat for a private party, be sure to arrange for transportation to and from your hotel to avoid having to drive while intoxicated.

Do a Bar or Food Vendor Crawl

6 Killer Brisbane Bucks Party Activities

While in Brisbane, you can spend time eating food and drinking beer from around the globe. You will want to specifically check out the Eat Street Markets to find the widest variety of global and local cuisine and beverages. This part of your evening could either be a prelude to a night at the strip club or the main event of your gathering depending on what your preferences are.

Head to the Strip Club

Visiting a strip club is a must if you want to get the most out of your bucks party. Whether you simply want to gaze at the beautiful ladies on stage or get a private lap dance, there are clubs throughout the city that cater to your budget and desires. As a general rule

, it is a good idea to call ahead if you plan on reserving a room or want to take advantage of package deals for a bucks party in Brisbane.

Play Some Golf to Start Your Party Right

Playing 18 holes at the Brisbane Golf Club is among the Brisbane bucks party activities that everyone in your group can enjoy. It has both breathtaking scenery as well as a design that is fun and challenging at the same time. The course itself also has a party room where you and your friends can enjoy a meal, have some drinks and enjoy your evening properly.

Spend the Night Playing Cards

6 Killer Brisbane Bucks Party Activities

Playing poker or other card games can be among the fun Brisbane bucks party ideas that you consider for your big night. You can choose to have a game night in your hotel room or have your party at a casino where you can play for big money. Party planners in the area can help you recreate a casino atmosphere complete with attractive women dealing cards and serving drinks. You can also choose to skip the ladies and focus on having a relaxing night with your friends.

Bet on the Horses

You can visit locations such as the Brisbane Racing Club to spend time betting on horses on your last outing before getting married. This could be among the least expensive bucks party ideas in Brisbane as you generally don’t need to make large bets to have a good time. Therefore, you can enjoy the thrill of rooting for your favorite horses without feeling as if you are going into too much debt if you lose.

If you are getting married soon, there are few better places to have a bucks party than Brisbane. There are many bucks night ideas in Brisbane that you and your friends can enjoy whether you want to hit the strip club or do something a little more tasteful. You can also develop a bucks night plan that ensures that everyone can have fun without spending too much money.

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