7 Things to Do at Night in Miami

7 Things to Do at Night in Miami

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So, perhaps you’re heading to Miami for a business trip, or maybe you are hitting up the sunshine city for a much-needed vacation. Whatever your reasons for heading to Miami, you will want to experience the night life in the city where the party never ends. Whether you are sitting in conferences and meetings all day or just bumming at a Miami beach, when the sun sets it’s time to change gears to the nightlife vibe.

There are plenty of things you can do at night in Miami. Book your Miami hotels

in areas of the city best known for vigorous nightlife and explore the options. South Beach provides swanky clubs with bumping music, low-key beer rooms, and chill cocktail lounges. Midtown and Wynwood are more art-centric neighborhoods, filled with chic speakeasy bars from another era and cozy rustic taverns. Downtown Miami offers a crowded mesh of unique cocktail lounges, hipster bars, historic breweries, and jazz clubs. Coconut Grove is known for its sports bars filled with college students and local restaurants with excellent wine lists.

Blackbird Ordinary

With a down-to-earth service and an otherworldly atmosphere, the Blackbird Ordinary

probably makes every must-do list for hot spots in Miami. The retro feel is paired with dark bird décor and filled with an indoor edible plant garden used to flavor drinks. The cover fee is consumable with drinks, making this the perfect place to relax and enjoy an unusual drink, like the Sage Thrasher or the Darkwing Daiquiri. Indoor and outdoor seating is available at this hipster-esque cocktail lounge.

Colony Theater

If you are looking for Sunday nightlife in Miami

, then you might consider looking at the show list for the iconic Colony Theater in South Beach. Everything from live music to contemporary dance is offered on this intimate stage, and shows are typically on the weekend, with a few offered on Thursday. If you are looking for a small, local experience with reasonably priced tickets, then this is it. The theater has a local feel, so don’t expect a Broadway show. Look for great talent and a uniquely local event at the Colony Theater.

Last Call Pub Crawls


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If you are interested in checking out more than one bar, Last Call Pub Crawls

is an excellent Miami tour host that takes you from club to pub for the evening. The drink prices are made more than reasonable by the host’s discounts in each location you visit and there are free shots to cap the end of every venue stop. By pacing your drinks throughout the evening, you can enjoy the atmosphere and experience in a memorable way. If you happen to be in town at the right time, Last Call also hosts an annual Drink Around the World event that is held in the Orlando Disney theme park.

Hoy Como Ayer

Ready for a little dancing, great food, and Cuban atmosphere? Hoy Como Ayer offers live music and a diverse crowd right in the heart of Little Havana

. The entrance fee is a bit pricey, but the great performance will keep you on your feet until the wee hours of the morning. The small club feels intimate and charming, encouraging people to dance between tables and sing with the music. Things here start late, so look for prime time around 11 pm. The Spam Allstars show up every Thursday night for a great mesh of funk, Latin, and hip hop music that never fails to impress.

Lionesse Wetlab


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If you want to enjoy food and drinks with a gorgeous view of Key Biscayne, then the Lionesse Wetlab is the right joint for you. The bar specials here are amazing and most drinks are very well priced. The low-key bar is located in the middle of Miami’s campus and is actually part of a restaurant. It’s considered a hidden gem by many locals and has only recently become slightly more popular, due to great reviews on various sites. With the beautiful view and non-pretentious, relaxed atmosphere, the Lionesse Wetlab is a must-see Miami spot.

FDR at Delano

An underground club at the iconic Delano Hotel

, the FDR is a crowded, sexy, and dark hideaway bar. Like many true nightlife spots in Miami, the party at the FDR doesn’t really get going until well after midnight. The swanky joint is the kind of place you either fit in or you feel completely out of place. It is filled with many of the young and restless crowd that enjoy the allure of money and success. You may want to arrive early and reserve a VIP table for bottle service. This club allows smoking (as do many clubs in Miami), so be prepared for the small joint to be filled with lurking smokers and chill music. And, if that doesn’t sound like a good time, then the FDR might not be the place for you.



 Image by Sam Clemens via Trover.com

The lights, the music – this is the kind of club that his hopping on the weekends with loud music and famous people. Renowned DJs and Miami elites are here with a line to get in the door and people packing the room. Unique LED wristbands flash with the music and occasional confetti showers add to the party atmosphere. Drinks are expensive here, but you are paying more for the grandiose atmosphere and the opportunity to live it up in the fast lane for a night. The club is housed in the Fontainebleau Miami Beach

hotel where guests can enjoy oceanfront pools and beach access.

There are many great nightlife activities in a vacation city that never stops the party. Enjoy all Miami has to offer, by hitting up the clubs after dark for a whole new side of the beach bum life. With such a variety of activities and atmospheres, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect spot to get your groove on.

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