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9 Things You’ll Learn Visiting Europe

Travelling can change you. In fact, it does; immersing yourself in different cultures, meeting different people and trying different things is bound to. It’s one of the best things about travelling, especially so if you’re headed to Europe, the third-most-populous continent.

If you’re considering spending a holiday in Europe, it’s time to discover exactly what you could learn on a trip to the continent.

1. Local food is amazing – even when it has eyeballs.

Every country in Europe differs in culture and preferences and the experiences each gives you differ from the other, so be on the hunt for London business class ticket deals and to Europe and travel in style now. Once in Europe, you will find that locals are extremely proud of their backgrounds, and food is one of the easiest ways to discover the local culture. If you’re not shy to try something new, order something a wait recommends. Chances are high it’s something you’d never consider ordering and you might just end up liking something new.

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2. Sense of distance is extremely different.

Europeans have a completely different sense of distance to most Northern Americans. For instances a “short walk” to the shops could well be an uphill one-mile walk, which isn’t pleasant when you’re trekking luggage around. In many parts of Europe, too, walking is the main way to get around.

3. Cab drivers are erratic.

Cab drivers know exactly how to dodge those potholes and avoid pedestrians – just hold on for a windy, bumpy ride along the way!

4. The toilet flusher can actually be hard to find.

This one’s a bit random, but true! Before you go, just do a quick scan of the area. If you’re still baffled, ask your hosts – be it where you’re staying or in a restaurant!

5. Other tourists are hit or miss.

Some tourists are overzealous when it comes to hopping on a bus or getting on a ferry, for example. Others are more than happy to strike up conversations, and perhaps even form new friendships. It’s important to keep in mind that no matter how many times you may be photo-bombed, cut off or elbowed, you’re also a tourist. Try to remember that no matter where people are, we’re all alike in different ways.

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6. Baked potatoes are very different these days.

Baked potatoes in Europe are a little different. A baked potato should be a fluffed potato – and that’s what you should ask for. Otherwise, you may just get a confusing bucket of fries or something similar!

7. Political talk is absolutely okay.

Europeans tend to be inquisitive and curious. Despite what you might have heard or think about never bringing up the subject of politics, it’s worth being open to discussion. You may learn a whole lot.

8. Try to learn the basics of the local language.

Try to get ahead and learn a little of the local language before you even get to your destination. Make some effort and learn even a few basic phrases and you’ll find the locals more than welcoming.

9. Learn the fashion.

Europeans are fashionistas of note. There’s a lot to learn, so try to ante up your fashion sense to fit in with the locals and have fun while doing it. Go wild with accessories, learn to walk in stilettos on cobblestone, and just try different things to learn some amazing life lessons!

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A trip to Europe is sure to be unforgettable. Try to immerse yourself in the myriad of cultures and you’ll learn so much.

Jason Bucowski