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A Day In Salt Lake City For Under $25


Salt Lake City is an interesting destination for people travelling to the West of USA. We can say that it is a really different location when compared with other parts of the country, which is a reason why so many visit. The problem is that many end up spending thousands of dollars on various adventure tours or ski vacation packages. This is not actually necessary since you can so easily have a great day in this city for just $25, according to Travel Tipsor

, which highlights the fact that even when travelling to some expensive destinations you can save a lot.

The best way to experience the city for really cheap prices is to basically experience the culture it offers. Start by visiting the Ensign Peak, which is a relatively small mountain located on the valley’s north part. We are faced with a steep hike but it is quite short so you will not have any problems reaching it.

After that, you can visit Temple Square, which is currently the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints headquarters. This is a free attraction, just as the hike we highlighted above. For your midday stop, head on over to Café On 1st. You can easily enjoy a really cheap burrito here and make sure you try the tea since it is delicious. All the food offered is really cheap and the location is quite great since you can move on towards other attractions in Salt Lake City.

Just across Café On 1st you can see the former house of Ted Bundy. While many tourists do not really want to visit because of the bloody legacy, you can easily see it. Now there are other residents and you can just see it.

Your second meal of the day should come from Go Feed Yourself

. This is basically a food cart that offers some great pita sandwiches, gyros and kabobs. You will only need to spend up to $10 for a full meal so you are saving a lot when compared with some restaurants in Salt Lake City.

The day can easily be finished in Temple Square. This is a great part of the city, with Salt Lake Temple being the highlight you do not want to miss. We are talking about such a high granite building that took over forty years to be erected. Make sure that you visit during fall, summer or spring as the place looks great. If you visit during Christmas, you will want to enjoy the lights as they are quite spectacular.

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