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A Foodish Post

On Monday I worked all day. All day. But I also finished just in time to meet some other travelers. I spoke with a French guy in Spanish for a while which is a good thing because prior to then my encounters with the French were mostly negative.

On Tuesday disaster struck when all three of my websites would not load. This is the kind of problem that is solved with a simple email to my webhost along with another to my “webmaster

” in Arizona. I think of it like a snow day. During the night I received no new orders because nobody could order. That gave me the time to stop work early and actually do something touristy.

I took the trole (bus) into the old colonial part of the city and found a colonial looking restaurant. I had to walk down stairs to what looked like a dimly lit cave with lots of Spanish bull fighting decor on the walls and old retired men in suits they must have worn every day straight for the past 20 years, while eating food alone but still talking to each other from across the room.  I ordered a potato cheese soup called locro de queso

and fish ceviche. The ceviche here is slightly different than what you might find in Peru or Miami because they like to put popcorn and fried plantains in it which I think is a nice touch.

I sat in the main plaza after lunch deciding what to do next. I took the trole back to my hostel and saw an advertisement for a spa which meant I got right into a taxi headed right where I had come from.

I had trouble finding it after asking a few different people. It wasn’t until I finally gave up that I saw the spa. I spent the next few hours finishing my book while I sat in a pool, a hot tub, the sauna, steam room etc. It was well worth it! Funny thing though is after all the hate for Herbalife they finally got me. As I was sitting in the hot tub a guy who looked like part of the facility staff asked if I wanted a drink. I got an iced tea and when I went to go pay on my way out it was up the stairs into almost an attic with multiple blenders and the Herbalife people.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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