A Traveler's Reunion in Bangkok, Thailand

The reason why this blog has recently changed to cover places outside of South America is because of one person. In 2007 on my first independent trip abroad I met another backpacker who I got along well with. We spent a few weeks together in Ecuador and kept in touch ever since then, meeting up in Toronto one year, Miami another, and finally again in Thailand.

I was thrilled to finally see him again after only being able to speak with him on the internet the past year. The plan was to travel together for ten days and then visit him in his home country, Bangladesh. We caught up quickly and for the next few days we both took care of some needed chores, always meeting back at the hotel’s rooftop pool. Some of the highlights of my chores were getting my original laptop fixed and taking my backpack to a tailor to get a zipper fixed! I also bought a plane ticket to Bangladesh, etc. etc.

A big priority of mine was to try Thailand’s most famous food, Pad Thai. It was delicious and I ordered it at least once per day, every day.

The Two of Us At Dinner

7/11 convenience store’s are everywhere in Bangkok. They also cater to local tastes, hence the “sliced thai custard bread”

A few streets down is Khao San Road, a backpacker ghetto that’s really not all that exciting like I was led to believe. It’s got some fake clothing and DVD’s, repetitive street food, tailors, backpacker bars and restaurants, pharmacies, hotels, and very little grittiness or charm.

We met up with one of Nadith’s friend’s also vacationing in Thailand one night. He took us to a nice bar with an even better view.

When we returned we were reminded that maybe we were still a little to close to Khao San Road.

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