A Vacation from My Vacation

The “backpacking” style vacation is not always the most relaxing. But it sure is fun!

I woke up late one Monday in Medellin and thought about what to do next. There is not much to do during the week in Medellin and I wanted to make it to Bogotá in time for my birthday so that I could share it with some friends.

The choice was obvious. I would travel down to a hot colonial town just a few hours away from Medellin to take advantage of the weekday discounts.

Santa Fe De Antioquia it was. With a population of approximately 23,000 inhabitants, it lies in a mountainous territory within the Central Cordillera of the Andes and watered by the rivers Cauca and Tonusco. Its a popular weekend getaway for the wealthier couples and families of Medellin.

The key word is weekend because it is practically empty of tourists on the weekdays which makes for sweet discounts to those other travelers who no have responsibility on the weekdays (me!!!).

The start of the vacation was the most exciting part. I almost got off the bus in the wrong town. But when I finally made it i got a ride on some random guy’s motorcycle down the cobblestone streets to my hotel for 50 cents. You should have seen me cruising down the streets wearing my my huge backpack that kept bumping up and down as we hit each new stone.

I arrived at my hotel and managed to bargain a $100+ night/room down to $12 for the night.

This is my hotel.

I spent the afternoon and evening walking around town eating ice cream, taking advantage of the hotel’s free coffee, finishing my book in the town square and by the pool, swimming, and watching TV in my own room for the first time in months.

I really enjoyed this graffiti someone wrote.

And I will leave you guys with some pictures from my walks around the town.

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