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Act Now! Your Guide To Getting Your Money Back After A Cancelled Holiday

Going on holiday is something that everyone looks forward to every year. It doesn’t matter how many times you get to travel; you still get to experience the anticipation and excitement that travelling brings. It’s all part of the package! So, when you discover that through no fault of your own, your holiday has been cancelled, it’s completely devastating to say the least.

As sad as you might be after missing out on the break you’ve been planning for months, you need to act now and take the steps needed to get your money back from your travel provider as soon as possible. Creditfix can help here, with this informative infographic on what to do if your break is cancelled. 

Holidays and flights get cancelled for all kinds of reasons, from issues with the resort you’ve chosen to security issues at the airport, so you’re not alone – holidays and flights getting cancelled happens more than you might think. The important thing now is that you get your money back, afterall as soon as you retrieve your money you can start booking a new holiday! Here I’ve posted an infographic that’s bursting with lots of helpful information and tips about getting your money back after a holiday cancellation. Check it out below. 

Holiday cancellation infographic

Jason Bucowski