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AeroLife: Complete Nutritional Coverage of the Future?

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For such a tiny product, AeroLife makes a big boast. Small enough to fit in someone’s pocket; healing, immunity, and energy all with zero calories; a cure for sleepless nights; a substitute for guilty food indulgences… it doesn’t even stop there. Indeed, the boasts that AeroLife makes claim to be limitless, but are they really as good as they claim they are? It’s certainly unlike any other healthy living product that’s been on the market before.


AeroLife is a tiny, portable tube filled with powder that is both easy to use and conveniently travels with its user wherever they go. To use AeroLife, you simply open the top, draw, and then close. So not only is it convenient and portable, but it’s also simple to use. The taste sets in immediately, and once the powder is swallowed it quickly delivers nutrients to the body.No mess involved and zero calories, just as promised, AeroLife feels like a clean and refreshing way to get energized.

is currently giving away free samples of their raspberry and watermelon editions of the energy shots, but also include some other great flavors with a variety of other effects. Like your morning coffee? They have a flavor for that too, with none of the risk of spilling a hot drink and no succeeding coffee breath.


This review, however, will focus on a few flavors primarily, and their induced effects. As aforementioned, raspberry and watermelon are two of the energy flavors, and another one is mint. Tropical citrus is available as an immunity booster and vanilla is for sleep. The AeroLife travel pack contains all the essentials for comfortable daily living; one Tropical Citrus Immunity, one Vanilla Sleep, and one Mint Energy.IMG_1405

There is no sugar crash involved with the usage of AeroLife, and it can easily take the place of a normal nutrition routine. In fact, some people may even be left feeling better after using AeroLife than they do with their usual energy boosters, because AeroLife also leaves out all of the sugar and salt content that store bought energy drinks and snacks contain. It’s still just a powder so AeroLife may not do much by itself to satisfy hunger. However, it can help curb the munchies and the desire to over-eat or snack incessantly thanks to its delicious flavors. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain when trying AeroLife though, and, as mentioned previously, they are currently giving away free samples at their site

for skeptics to try it themselves. Start your free trial now


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