Arizona's Grand Canyon travel destination

Arizona Makes a Leap Towards Premier Travel Destination

If you’re one of those people who have been everywhere and are looking for a new place to visit, or if you’re in need of planting roots in a new state, Arizona might be the place for you. Few travelers have truly explored Arizona beyond the Grand Canyon, and few relocators have really considered moving to the Copper State. However, with cheap real estate, natural desert beauty, and more, Arizona is definitely making a name for itself among premier travel or living destinations, below are just a few of the reasons why!


  1. Easy to Obtain Change of Scenery/Escape: In Arizona, it is very simple to either escape the everydayness of life or obtain a change of scenery. All you have to do is drive! From Downtown Phoenix (the capital of Arizona), you can drive 2.5 hours to get to Flagstaff, where you’ll find snow capped mountains, higher elevation, and colder temperatures. There are tons of places in Northern Arizona that are a maximum of 2 hours away that offer cooler temperatures and different landscapes. Alternatively, you can drive 2 hours south to Tucson or 3 hours to Tombstone, which will both give you a warmer, more country experience. Tombstone is an old mining city, one of the last boomtowns in the country and is home to many ghost-town attractions.
  2. arizona's top travel attraction the grand canyonNatural Beauty: Along the same lines of obtaining a change of scenery, Arizona is one of the most beautiful states in the country. With forests, deserts, plains, lakes, mountains, and more, there is a type of natural beauty anyone and everyone will find breathtaking. Besides the pure beauty of the landscapes, Arizona’s scenery has rich geological and cultural history as well. Landmarks like the Grand Canyon

    took millions of years to form, and the layers of the rock show the many eras in Earth’s past. Many of those same monuments happen to be on Native American reservations, whose people make up a vast part of Arizona’s cultural history.

  3. Lower Real Estate Prices: Real estate prices in Arizona are yet another reason to travel to the beautiful state. With such low real estate prices, it’s ideal to purchase a winter home there and rent it out in the summer. Instead of renting your home out, you can make roots in the desert and purchase a home that is part of many of the rising, luxury master-planned communities like Sky Crossing Phoenix

    . Homes like those allow you to be a part of a community in a new place, while remaining affordable.

  4. Wine Country: Few may know this, but Arizona is actually home to one of the largest wine countries

    in the United States. In fact, Sedona has one of the best wine tours in the country!

  5. No Daylight Savings: No more pesky reminders to set those clocks back! Need we say more?

As Arizona’s population grows, the real estate and cost of living remain fairly affordable, which make Arizona one of the premier destinations for traveling and living.

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