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Bachelor party weekends

Conventional bachelor parties involving drinking, partying and strippers are no longer the only way to see a best friend off into a life of matrimonial bliss; more imaginative ideas are out there for all tastes and pockets.  It’s just a matter of deciding which way is the best approach for the most important member of the group – the groom.  Most bachelor parties may still carry an element of the traditional ‘last night of freedom’, but they can be combined with more unusual experiences that will become lifelong memories for the groom, the best man and everyone else involved in this enduring rite of passage.

Day 77: The Bachelor (Party)

The call of the wild

Heading into the wilderness to sample a taste of nature is one way to give him a fun-filled send-off.  This can cover anything from a weekend campout in an authorized campsite (for the less experienced), to a week or more of ranching, climbing, white-water rafting, universal wakeboard tower or bush-camping in a more remote location (for those with more advanced outdoor skills).

The perfect solution for some real male bonding, an organized wilderness trip brings friends closer together in spectacular worldwide locations.  Whether it’s dolphin watching in Cancun, surfing off Bondi Beach, Australia, or climbing and trekking in the Andes, Himalayas or Rockies, there’s a world of choice for bachelor parties seeking real, adrenaline-filled adventure.

Adventure doesn’t require traveling half-way around the world, though; a parachute jump, hang-gliding, caving or paint-balling can be sourced closer to home and can provide a more economical, but still exciting alternative to long-distance adventure – and it won’t take the groom too far away from the bride-to-be either.

Bright lights, big city

An urban setting can often provide the backdrop to an unforgettable bachelor party.  Just one fantastic night out in the nearest big city, or a weekend stopover somewhere further afield, or a full-blown sightseeing trip to a far-flung location; the bright lights of a big city can be a stimulating and memorable venue for a group of guys out for some fun.

The choice is seemingly endless, with so many different destinations offering a bewildering array of options: culturally rich London; the erotic museums of Amsterdam; the bright theatre lights of New York’s Broadway; gambling and indulgence at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas; or the scintillating pleasures of Bangkok nightclubs.  Whatever the groom’s tastes, there’s bound to be something to please him in destinations like these.

Package deals can be found for many cities, offering accommodation and transport, entertainment and an itinerary to make even the shortest break one to remember.  Again, it doesn’t have to involve a long-haul flight or a bank-breaking budget; a simple trip to the nearest big city can include opportunities for a group of buddies to celebrate the next stage in a friend’s life.

Remember why it’s party time

Whatever the eventual destination, decide on a budget and stick to it, set a time limit and stick to it, and remember there’s a reason for this party – a wedding will be very close on the horizon and everyone wants to see the groom safe, sound and sane on the big day.  Look out for him, look out for each other and make that bachelor party an occasion everyone will remember with pleasure and happiness.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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