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Doing the Hindu Shrine in Malaysia

What can I say about Malaysia’s Batu Caves? Very little about caves them self but journey was exceptional. The limestone caves are a sacred Hindu site just seven miles from Malaysia’s modern city, Kuala Lumpur. They are connected to Kuala Lumpur’s metro system and a cinch to reach the actual caves making it a well populated tourist attraction like London’s Big Ben. Only this is more exotic.

On the way to the Batu Caves Station on the commuter train.

The station literally drops you off just feet from the entrance.

The caves are home to scattered long tailed-macaque monkeys which scurry up the stairs and throughout the caves. Like vultures they will pounce on any uneaten food and have been known to swipe sunglasses, cameras, and snacks from tourists who like to feed them.

Doing the Hindu Shrine in Malaysia

The idea is to climb up a really long set of stairs leading to the cave. It’s long and steep but frail old women managed. Maybe a reader more familiar with Hinduism can explain why a family is carrying a newborn baby in the orange pouch up to caves? I will reserve any judgment until then.

The Batu Caves. Really just a big open air cave. This is it. Really.

Even worse the only restaurants on the premises are vegetarian only. Good for Indians and hippies. Not ideal for myself and others. But also not the end of the world either.

There you have it. The Batu Caves.

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