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Jessie J? Black Eyed Peas? Free?


I’m living just a minute walk from the BBC television studio in London. It’s only natural that when decent shows and acts stop by I am going to try to see them. I signed up for the BBC’s live studio audience notification system and days later registered for my first show. The Black Eyed Peas and Jessie J were each going to perform one free song on the U.K.’s So You Think You Can Dance program.

On a lazy weekday afternoon my girlfriend and I walked down to the studio entrance. While we arrived just a half-hour after the specified time to line up, more than 300 people were already waiting. We joined the cue behind two tweens.

I didn’t know much about Jessie J but am a big, casual fan of the Black Eyed Peas.

A BBC representative came by and placed a sticker on each of our tickets which guaranteed we would be able to watch the performance. Much later than advertised they began letting people into BBC headquarters. Cell phones and cameras are prohibited so we and hundreds of others handed them over to security which ran a tidy little system.

We entered security and rejoined the cue to wait another hour. This time we were in front of the tweens. Without standing next to them we never would have known that two So You Think You Can Dance contestants had walked right by us. Exciting stuff.

Like sheep we were led into the studio and took our seats while the stage crew finished configuring the equipment and gave us instructions. Jessie J was soon introduced and came on stage to perform. Throughout the couple of takes she was very personable, even singing happy birthday to one fan. I could tell she was a pleasant person.You can watch the video to see the actual performance. Maybe you will even spot me in the audience.

One note is that it seemed some of the audience sung “No, no, no, no” at times throughout the song.But I think the people in the front were instructed to do so. Either way the rest of us had fun mocking them, and joined in.

The Black Eyed Peas performed next. They had to rearrange the stage a bit but it took the stage crew little time. The big difference was the lighting which was even more impressive. State of the art lasers. But the band messed up because the teleprompter went to fast and had to start over a few times. The main leader of the band was a little bratty when instructing the teleprompter operator. But their music was great. On the third take they asked for the audience to stand instead.

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