A Beginner’s Guide To Business English

As business becomes more and more global, communication has become trickier than ever. Business English is the general term used for the form of English language that is exchanged in international correspondence.This is what is used when dealing with business contacts who have a different native tongue or if dealing with companies that have multiple languages.

If my first language is already English, what do I need to learn Business English for? Well, there are many expressions and terms that are exchanged in formal business correspondence that isn’t used in everyday normal conversation. You don’t want to get caught in a moment where you are completely stumped about a certain phrase that’s being tossed around in a meeting.

I came across this very useful infographic that’s a great way to test your Business English prowess. If you are managing a multinational team, it might also help to spread the knowledge. Brush up on your business phraseology with this quick must read!


Infographic: A beginners guide to Business English

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