Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

Start doing yoga to get the physical and mental benefits. You’ll not only feel better, but will release stress and gain balance.

What are you waiting for? Get sweatin’

Highland Yoga

Sweat it out, detox your body and take a vinyasa flow yoga class at ?Highland Yoga

?. With 30 classes offered a week, you can make it to one after work or lunch. Choose from packages of 10?20 classes or unlimited monthly classes. Go deeper, raise it up a notch and get private lessons. Or take advantage of the new student deal of 10 days for $10.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, be sure you’ll practice yoga in a safe and comfortable environment. Plus, no need to bring a mat or a towel, Highland Yoga offers complimentary towels and Manduka PROlite studio mats.

Sacred Thread Yoga

Feel renewed, gain strength and be part of a community at ?Sacred Thread Yoga?. Choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes. Beginners pick a beginner flow, intermediates go for a mindful hot or vinyasa. Advanced must try {sacred} sweat. For healing, choose yin/restorative or yoga rx. Be part of the community and engage in donation?based devotional class or lunch time class.

At Sacred Thread Yoga, you’ll gain confidence, heal your body and clean your soul. No matter your race, sex, or social status, you’ll be part of the community.

Atlanta Hot Yoga

Take the yoga class you deserve to nurture your mind, body and soul at ?Atlanta Hot Yoga?. Learn from the best instructors in a caring and welcoming environment. Bring all your energy and prepare to learn the most intricate moves.

When you visit Atlanta Hot Yoga you’ll enter a quiet atmosphere and be ready to release all your day’s tensions. Choose from balance, flow and strength, hot core power, power hour, warm yin yoga or hot vinyasa flow. Give it a try it, get a couple classes or re?transform yourself and buy a monthly package.

Make yoga part of your life

. Your body and mind will thank you. Practice with confidence and visit your nearest yoga studio in Atlanta.

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