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Benjamin Franklin Saves the Day

After the three day Bolivian pampas tour I returned to Rurrenabaque the same way I came: three hour jeep ride on a muddy, unpaved road.

Watch the video for a sample of the wildlife I saw


I was ready to return to regular warm showers, restaurants, and internet after a few comfortable days living on the basics.

Rurrenabaque is a pretty town ideal for catching up on some reading. I did just for the next three days. It rained constantly during this time so the grass field runway was unsuitable for takeoffs or landings. The only way out was to wait for a clear day, take a public bus, or share a private jeep.

Other than reading, working at one of the internet cafe’s, and eating, I did take advantage of a free ferry ride around the river complements of Amazonas airline.

The views were outstanding and much different what I saw during my tour of the pampas.

After reading three books (one each day) while I waited for my flight back to La Paz, I gave up and tried another way. The public bus sold out so I managed to share a 12 hour jeep ride with a group of 2 Venezuelan backpackers, a stereotypically cute Swedish girl and her friend.  Besides the scary mud roads, a highlight of this trip was one of the Venezuelans getting caught with marijuana at a drug checkpoint. The police shortly returned him to us after a quick interrogation and a $100 bribe. That’s Bolivia!

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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