Best Exotic Destinations Worldwide

Best Exotic Destinations Worldwide

Best Exotic Destinations Worldwide

Today we want to make you think a little bit about that dream vacation. Maybe you are an experienced world traveler, perhaps a digital nomad with the freedom to explore the globe with very little limits. Maybe you are looking for that next “over the cliff” experience that will really interest you more than the typical tourist traps. Here are some ideas:

The Arctic:

You may have been on cruises but an Arctic cruise

is considered the be-all and end-all of all cruise experiences. It’s the ultimate in experiencing new environments and seeing things you can never see anywhere else.

The Amazon:

There are many Amazon destinations

but the easiest way to get there and get the full Amazon experience is to fly to Bogota and then to Leticia, Colombia. This is a border town, with Tabatinga, Brazil on the other side of the water, so you can easily experience both cultures, which is a big bonus. In these towns you will find everything from the eco-tourist experience to all-inclusive hotels with guided tours.

Ice Hotels:

There are a few of these in Scandinavia now, with the most famous one still being in Rekjiavik, Iceland. These are obviously not for the cold-blooded, but they are not as cold as one may think. Highly recommended.

Northern China:

Best Exotic Destinations Worldwide

Especially recommended is to get to the Tsing Tao, which is also the home of the famous beer that bears the city’s name. This was once a German colony and has a heavy European influence, while still being 100% Chinese. All over Northern China there are fascinating things to see and do, and the hospitality of the people is said to be unmatched.

African Destinations:

Not all of Africa is as dangerous dirty and backward as the media would have you believe. Extremely good reports have come back from places such as Accra, Ghana, for example. They say every music lover needs to check out Guinea for once at least in their life. And in general, if you want a real culture trip, this could be a great destination for you. Nature-related excursions are also very worth it in Africa for a unique experience.

Hong Kong:

For those of you who want the ultimate urban experience, full of shopping, nightlife, and gourmet dining, Hong Kong can’t be beat. It’s definitely anything but cheap, but you will get what you pay for. Really, any experienced traveller has to touch down in Hong Kong at least once in his or her existence.

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