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“Betting” I’ll Be Seeing You In France

Have you ever felt the rush of holding your fate in your own hands? Of knowing it may all come down to the single flip of a card? If you play poker, I’m sure you do. And if you do play poker, I have some good news for you. From September 24th – 29th, the PokerStars France Poker Series (F.P.S.) Cannes was held in Cote d’Azur city

, at the Pullman Royal Hotel and Casino. The event featured a €1,000 + €100 Main Event buy-in, with €250,000 guaranteed. If you were not lucky enough to attend you can still find the best slot machine games

to play online.

"Betting" I'll Be Seeing You In France
Personally, playing poker has always filled me with an indefinable surge of energy. Knowing that the only thing that stands between the pot and I are the others at the table, all thinking the exact same thing. The only weapon you really have in poker is your wit, accompanied of course by the hours of training you have put in to developing the perfect poker face.

"Betting" I'll Be Seeing You In France

Speaking of men with perfect poker faces, at the last FPS tournament which finished up in early June, Ibrahim El Feliani took the crown, along with a not-too-shabby €92,000 first place cash prize after defeating PokerStars qualifier Nicolas Feyssat in the final round. But don’t feel too sorry for him either – Feyssat

received €60,000. And I’ve never met another poker player who didn’t salivate slightly at the site of all of those beautiful zeros. The second event in the third FPS season attracted 417 entrants, who generated a collective prize pool worth €400,320.

Following FPS Cannes, the tournament will end up in the breathtaking French capital with the FPS Paris taking place from November 16th – 23rd in the Cercle Cadet. Concluding the FPS Season 3 will be the FPS Deauville Grand Final, which will take place in the Casino Barriere from 22nd – 26th January.

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