Booking a Room in Beverly Hills: 5 Things to Know

Booking a room in Beverly Hills is about research and planning. Here are the five things you need to do when planning your next vacation in the area.

Scout Hotel Room Prices



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Accommodations in Beverly Hills

can range from the economical to the outright lavish. If you’re on vacation, dropping temporary anchor at a hostel like Stay on Main is on the cheap side ($30 per night), but you’ll start your journey 12 miles outside of your target destination—not ideal. The Hotel Beverly Terrace is less than a mile from the city’s center and runs about $175 a night. If you’re flying into the area and want a hotel with its own airport shuttle service, the Montage Beverly Hills sits just off Rodeo Drive. The convenience and luxury amenities at the hotel result in a higher room rate at more than $500 per night.

Make Your Dinner Reservations Early

Dining out in Beverly Hills is just as competitive as any other upscale area in large cities around the country. Trying to get a dinner reservation for Friday evening on the afternoon of the same day is difficult during the peak summer months. Look into restaurants within easy walking distance (less than one mile) of your hotel or around areas you plan to visit during the day. Start your search at least three weeks before you travel.

Plan Your Sightseeing Trips

Trying to fit the La Brea Tar Pits and the Greystone Mansion into a single weekend trip? You’ll need expert planning and time management to get the job done. Try to plan sightseeing to decrease your travel so you don’t eat up your vacation hours stuck in traffic. For example, the Virginia Robinson Gardens sits less than two miles from Greystone Mansion, making them ideal stops along your route for a given day. Start your day early, though, because the Tar Pits close at 5 p.m. daily.

Parking in Beverly Hills: Do not park along Wilshire Blvd from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday unless you want to add pictures of a tow truck hauling your car away to your Instagram.

Use Your Hotel Amenities

Many hotels in Beverly Hills

offer guests access to posh facilities, including pools, spa treatments and beauty salons. While some services carry a surcharge, others are complimentary and can give you some needed relaxation time. Remember that you’re on vacation and devote some time to decompress poolside with a cold cocktail.

Set a Shopping Budget



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One trip down Melrose Avenue can leave you thousands of dollars lighter in less than an hour. Immediate access to a bevy of high-end designers is tempting, but you need to stay on course. When you go out shopping, bring only your debit card plus one extra credit card for backup. Leave all other forms of tender at the hotel. Use the room safe, if you must.

A vacation stay in one of California’s richest areas doesn’t need to break your bank. Follow these steps when planning your trip and come home with just as many memories as cash in your wallet.


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