Bric's Luggage – Travel with an Italian Icon

Bric’s Luggage – Travel with an Italian Icon

When you are looking for the best in style, Italian designers certainly have something of an edge. Add to that the quality of beautiful Italian leather, and the craftsmanship that comes with a ‘Made in Italy’ label, and you are certain to have a great product, and Bric’s luggage

brand is no exception.


As a leading designer label in the high end luxury luggage sector for over 60 years, Bric’s has class, heritage and longevity, and so if you are looking for the perfect holdall, roller bag or suitcase, you can’t go far wrong with this iconic Italian brand. Here we take a look at the history of Bric’s, and the kind of beautiful luggage lines they offer today.

How Bric’s Luggage Brand Was Created

The Bric’s company was founded all the way back in 1952, by Italian luggage maker Mario Briccola. He wanted to create luggage and bags that were luxurious, beautifully made, and offered the best in style. The company went from strength to strength throughout the rest of the 20th century, attracting legions of dedicated fans. Some people who were lucky enough to buy Bric’s bags earlier in the brand’s history still love their vintage Bric’s pieces, and travel with them regularly even to this day. The quality of the materials made Bric’s luggage long lasting and robust, and the timeless, classic styles used, along with striking yet classical colours like deep brown and olive, meant that the bags have never gone out of fashion!

Bric’s in the 21st Century

The Bric’s name in luggage is still a byword for beautiful Italian style, and in the 2010’s it is a label loved by both male and female celebrities of all ages. A list Hollywood stars like Emma Watson

have been seen toting their coveted Bric’s luggage, along with male stars like Matthew McConaughey., The love for Bric’s isn’t reserved for Hollywood’s younger stars, either, with older actresses like Sex & The City’s Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Bell also confirmed Bric’s devotees.

As well as off screen, Bric’s luggage has made some notable appearances in the movies, too, with Johnny Depp sporting a Bric’s bag in his 2010 movie The Tourist – set in Italy – and Edward and Bella from Twilight seen with Bric’s luggage in a couple of the movie adaptations of the teen fantasy series.

Bric’s Lines

Bric’s luggage includes ranges for all different tastes and needs, from the casual yet elegant Bric’s Life range of cases and holdalls, to the cool Bric’s Safari line beloved of stars like Kris Jenner. Another popular range is the X-Bag collection by Bric’s

which includes some classic, beautifully designed bags that are perfect for travel but also for more everyday things like shopping or the gym. Bric’s essentially have a beautiful bag for just about every situation, so if you love their style, it is easy to build up your own collection!

Bric’s is a great fashion brand that also offers amazing quality, so if you are looking for iconic, beautiful Italian bags, you should certainly check them out!

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