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California Off-Roading

When most people think of traveling to California, their minds tend to imagine celebrity sightings, warm weather, the beaches, unique foods and a generally laid back attitude.  However, they’re failing to realize the adventures and thrills that are available in The Golden State.   California offers a vast amount of tours and attractions for the adrenalin seeker in all of us.  From white water rafting

the numerous rivers that run throughout the state to hiking and camping at Yosemite Park, California offers a range of activates for the outdoorsman.  One that many will not consider is off-road driving.  The state offers a collection of terrains begging to be tackled by a Jeep or other off-road vehicle.

California coasts

South California Dune Tours

If you are seeking adrenalin rush, the Glamis Sand Dunes are there to answer your call.  Located at the corner of the southeast side of the state, Glamis is the largest mass of sand dunes in California.  Enjoy various tours

of these dunes that stretch over a 40 mile band averaging at about 5miles width.  You can choose an off-road bike or an ATV to ride and jump these dunes.

Desert Adventures

If you are in the Greater Palm Springs area you will want to check out the tours offered by Desert Adventures

.   Perfect for a fun, family outing, tours of the San Andreas Flat are ideal, as one will learn about the historical side of the flat while enjoying the visuals that are presented by the bubbling water springs. The fun and education does not stop there as the tour will continue through a re-created Cahuilla Indian Village and an old Mining Camp

Elite Land Tours

Interested in off-road driving and resolving the energy crisis?  This tour is a perfect source for off-road thrills and expansion of ones mind.  Elite Land Tours

provides a very unique tour of the Palm Spring Windmills. Not only will you enjoy the thrills of off-road driving on tough terrain, you will also learn the history of wind energy and gain insight into its future.  Views of these massive windmills will be closer than you’ve ever experienced, and everyone will leave with an understanding of Wind Energy.

Own Tours

If you are the owner of a Jeep, you may want to do some solo exploring.  It is always recommended that you tour with another vehicle (or at least a passenger).  The first safety step is to ensure that your off-road vehicle is fully optimized for the terrain that lies ahead.  For Jeep owners, check sites like Extreme Terrain

and non-Jeep owners can check sites like 1A Auto

to make sure they have the proper vehicle modifications for the off-road terrain ahead.  You will not want to miss the famous Rubicon Trail, however, if this is your first time off-road driving it is suggested to start somewhere less difficult like the trails of Barney Riley


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