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Can CBD Prevent Cancer Cell Growth?


Cannabis is getting extra attention lately due to its health benefits, one of which is the potential to prevent cancer cell growth. In October of 2013, the United States government patented medical cannabis under the US Patent #6630507, and this patent specifically mentions that cannabinoids have antioxidant properties. The patent additionally points out that the active substances in marijuana can have drug-like effects on the human body. It cites the benefits of cannabis for patients who are going through radiation, chemotherapy, and other cancer treatments that are sources of cellular oxidative stress.

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CBD as a Cancer Treatment?


There are more than 85 types of cannabinoids in cannabis, including the active chemical CBD that promotes healing by way of its antioxidant properties. Like the cannabinoid THC, CBD is a drug-like substance in marijuana that can, and has, been used to treat cancer symptoms. Due to the positive impact CBD has shown when used as a cancer treatment, it has become legal for prescription use. Doctors prescribe CBD to cancer patients to decrease inflammation, reduce pain, and lower anxiety without the feeling of being “high” that comes along with using THC.

CBD and Cancer Growth Prevention?

The National Cancer Institute of the U.S. government states that CBD’s effects on the body include; preventing blood vessel growth that supplies tumors, acting as an anti-inflammatory, and blocking abnormal cellular growth. Several studies by leading scientists show promising data regarding CBD as a cancer treatment, including a study from 1996

that discovered protective effects of CBD against specific kinds of tumors, and a series of brain tumor studies in 2003

that proved CBD might increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy (as well as boost cancer cell death without causing harm to normal cells).

This is just some of the research that’s been conducted on CBD and cancer cell growth. We encourage you to seek out other studies and talk to your doctor to determine if CBD could be a good medicine to add to your cancer treatment regimen. Many of our customers who have researched CBD as a source of cancer treatment have also looked up “marijuana delivery near me” to find resources for purchasing medical CBD. They found Green Door West

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