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What you Should Know About Travelling Through Canada by Train

While you may think that taking a trip on a train is nothing special, you obviously haven’t travelled through Canada yet. One of the best ways to see this incredibly beautiful country is by train. You have the opportunity to see some amazing scenery from the comfort of a modern train that will add a touch of something special to your vacation. So what should you know about travelling through Canada by train? See below for more information:

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Travelling Across Canada will Take 5-6 Days

Canada is 3,426 miles wide (5,514 Km) and 2,879 miles long (4,624 km) and as you can imagine it will take 5-6 days for you to travel from one end of the country to another. You may have to jump off one train and get on another in order to make your way across the country, but it’s completely worth it as a new train means more excitement! You could decide to travel from Toronto to Vancouver or from Halifax to Montreal before you hop on yet another train and head to Toronto. Whatever journey you decide to take you need to plan enough time so you can see the whole country from a new perspective.

The Food Served on the Trains is Delicious!

While some train companies seem happy to serve up second-rate food, this is not the case when you travel on Canadian trains. For some reason, food on Canadian trains is so good! Want a hot meal? You got it! Fancy a sandwich or two? You got it! For example, you can experience a trip on the rocky Mountaineer train

and enjoy a tasty meal or two no matter what your preferences are.

The dining carts are usually decked out quite nicely and make the whole dining experience one to remember, adding something special to your vacation.

The Best Time to Travel is in the Winter

Although many people would happily tell you that the best time to take a vacation is in the summer, when it comes to taking a train through Canada we found that the winter months are the best. For example, you can hop on a train that is likely to offer you the same journey as it would in the summertime but for a little less. Wintertime tends to be a lot quieter than the spring and summer, and it may not be as cold as you think. While you should pack a warm sweater and a winter coat you will find the trains and the country, in general, is not as cold as you think.

Sleeping on a Train is Easier than you Think

You could be forgiven for thinking that it’s hard to sleep on a train, in fact, it’s so much easier than you think. This is due to the motion of the train that seems to rock you to sleep. If you are worried about not getting enough sleep you may want to think about using some earplugs and a sleep mask, but you may find that you won’t need them at all.

Travelling through Canada by train is a lot of fun and much more comfortable than you think. Whether you plan to travel from Toronto or Halifax, you are almost guaranteed to have an amazing time!

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