A Cancun Spring Break in Thailand

I like to go to exotic tropical islands on occasion 😉

Alright, so the pictures always make these type of island look so much more exotic then they really are but I have no doubt anyone reading this is pining to go to the beach now. This particular beach, Haad Rin, is more of a party beach full of young people. It’s actually probably the most famous party island in the world. Every month the island host’s a Full Moon Party with up to 50,000 people in attendance, all dancing and drinking on the small beach.

I’m pretending to read this map but the truth is that just like on most islands, the only thing to really do is swim, sunbathe, and party. No, we did not really go anywhere and the part of the island we stayed was so small that using a map is insane.

Local island vegetation

We did not stay on Haad Rin during the full moon party but the parties each night grew larger as the full moon approached.

One of many stands selling alcohol. This is the only photo that will make the beach party look somewhat elegant but if I used flash in the photo you would be able to make out signs reading “fuck buckets” advertising buckets of cheap mixed drinks. This is the Cancun of Southeast Asia.

Each night the bar’s will advertise using fire dancers to grab the attention of each beach goer.

Games involving fire are also popular. On the first night we watched as other jumped rope on fire. I turned to my friend and said,

I will do that before I leave.

Sure enough, a few evenings later my stomach churned as I remembered that statement I had made. I felt confident I would do it but feared and talked myself into it more and more as my buddy also urged me to do it. He took my camera, and nudged me forward towards the rope.I waited until he turned it on then crept closer until I calculated the correct timing to run inside the area, and jump rope like a little kid again. I jumped once, again, and suddenly acknowledged I was jumping over a rope on fire. That quick realization was all the motivation I needed to get out, except it was harder to leave than it was to enter. As i quickly moved to the side I tripped on the sand, and fell to the ground rather clumsily. The rope touched ground in milliseconds and I scampered to my feet and out of there just as it touched skin.

My night was complete with this sudden spike of adrenaline. We stayed out late drinking and eventually walked all of two feet back to our hotel.

I awoke the next morning for breakfast in the hotel pool.

And then back to reality, putting in another five hour workday on our hotel room balcony.

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