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Carnaval Parade in Barranquilla

How do we prepare for a day of carnaval?!?

Coca leaves.

Magnus accidentally smugged coca leaves from another country to Colombia. Funny story too. He was on a long distance bus in Colombia and reached one of the checkpoints. The military got on the bus and checked most peoples bags, Magnus included. That is when they found the bag of coca leaves.

“You’re coming with us, sir”, said the soldiers.

They stared at him for the next minute until they could not hold their laughter in any longer. While coca leaves are harmless and he knew it was illegal, the very thought of going to prison in Colombia took away any rational thought he may have had.

After chomping on a mouth full of coca leaves we were ready for breakfast. The 15 or so of us were served a big plate of rice, eggs, avocado, and sugar cane juice each morning, while waiting our turn for a shower.

After a shower and breakfast I would make one last trip to my room, a classroom. As you may remember from my last post, I lived in a school for a week.

After breakfast we would typically take Gustavo’s truck to watch the parade. Here we are excited with no idea what to expect.

The first day was the best with lots of memorable floats:

My favorite had to be this.

Among some of the better acts/floats were these girls

Or this float playing live music

Below is Mama Ron. The official slogan of the event is “Mama ron en Carnavales!” The verb “mamar” means to suck as if from the nipple. Suck rum in Carnaval! They even made the official song about her:


Jens, Charlotte, and Magnus

A shot of aguardiente, I think.

Just another crazy costume


Marching for the policemen who have lost their lives.

Followed by an executioner. Ironic.

“La Puta Borracha” translates to “The Drink Bitch”

Gold men on stilts. Cool.

Beautiful girls were everywhere and this is my future wife.

And if for some reason it does not work out, this is my backup.

More women!

Throughout the parade it was common to throw flour and spray foam at others.

And thats a rundown of what to expect at a carnaval parade in Barranquilla.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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