Carry on Cruising

Not everyone is happy roughing it and organizing their own accommodation dining, tours and other ancillary holiday necessities. Carry on Cruising

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience a whole bunch of different locations, cultures and destinations. If you just want a hassle free holiday then something to look at might be a cruise. They aren’t what you might expect from watching The Love Boat.

Today’s cruises can actually be kind of awesome, providing a mix of luxury and local stopping points so that you can visit a remote or less developed area without worrying about where you’ll spend the night. Let’s face it, not everyone wants full cultural immersion and the stress and excitement that goes with it.

They’re also some of the best ways to visit certain areas like the Antarctic – as you can imagine, there aren’t a lot of backpackers’ hostels on that icy continent. Smaller cruises also let you see the Galapagos Islands made famous by Darwin, which can otherwise be a nightmare as you navigate the regulations that protect the wildlife and beaches from too much human contact.

Carry on Cruising

Cruise boats themselves run the gamut from luxury vessels that hold thousands of passengers to small boats that accommodate a few dozen. The big boats are truly astounding, with multiple restaurants, bars and activity areas. Those who are interested in a more structured holiday may find these vacations ideal – with so many activities, it’s like being at camp during February half term holidays

from school. Deck games, meet-and-greets, after-dinner entertainment; it’s like a grown-up Butlins on the high seas.

Cruises might have somewhat of a reputation for being staid and old-fashioned, but they’re really no different from vacationing at a holiday resort – it’s just that your resort moves around, allowing for different excursions to various local areas, taking advantage of the activities, sights and culture in each port.

Of course, a cruise might not be a realistic holiday option right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a vacation that incorporates many of the benefits of a holiday on a cruise-boat. The night-time entertainment, scheduled activities and comfortable accommodations are all available at Butlins’ resorts. You can choose from a wide variety of restaurants, or venture out into the surrounding towns. All three Butlins’ resorts are located beside beautiful beaches, and so you can enjoy the sight and sound of the sea if you so desire. In fact, if you have kids, then choosing a holiday at Butlins’ might end up being the very best option. Families find that the entertainment at these resorts, which even includes special appearances by the residents of Sesame Street, makes for happy, excited children.

Both cruises and Butlins

have much more to offer than you might expect. Take a look at their activities, accommodations and other amenities and you might find yourself booking a holiday today.

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