Castillo De San Felipe in Cartagena

Two years ago I explored a 400 year old castle in Cartagena, Colombia. I met a family and received a tour in Spanish. Eventually nighttime fell and the Castle closed. However, the four of us were not ready to leave and so we quickly hopped over the barriers and climbed to the top of the castle, overlooking the entire city in all directions.

But we were not the only people who climbed to the top. A group of 6 shirtless teens dressed in white capoeira pants began to fight to the sound of a few steady drums and chanting.

I will always regard watching the six of them practice as a special moment.

I returned to Cartagena for a second time last June with my father. We rode in a chiva that took us past the Castle and that memory returned, which I savored.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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