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Having recently watched George Clooney in “The Descendants” I was totally in the mood to have a depressing, soul searching, and ultimately cathartic trip to Hawaii. Turns out the beauty is not as melancholy as the movie makes it seems, probably because I don’t have a wife in a coma or two rebellious teenage daughters like Clooney did in that movie. Also, finding cheap flights

always lifts my mood.


Hawaii is as beautiful as you hope it will be, and although there are plenty of resorts and crowded beaches, the nineteen islands that make up the Hawaiian archipelago give ample opportunity to carve out your own little sandy oasis, if only for a little while. First though, flights to Hawaii

almost all arrive in Honolulu.  Which make no mistake, is a real city with a metro area population of over 1 million. It does have its share of tourist attractions, but it also is a real vibrant city with a feel all its own. The environmental stewardship the city, and the state, take responsibility for is impressive, as is the laid back attitude that seems to disappear as soon as you need some assistance.


The best praise I can give Hawaii’s beauty is that I had no problem spending my time just looking at scenery. Just on the Big Island alone, there is Diamond Head, a volcanic crater that overlooks Honolulu, the hills above Makiki which are home to the  Punchbowl Crater and Pu’u Ualaka’a park, and the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout, which is so visually pleasing your brain starts coming up with absurd doubts about its authenticity, like “this must have been photoshopped.”

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