Check Out These Ideas For Fab Holiday Photo Locations

Check Out These Ideas For Fab Holiday Photo Locations



When we travel, we tend to take more pictures of places and sights than we do of our own families back home. There is something special about new sights and smells that we want to capture any way we can. Landscapes and scenery are just one part of it. These visions will never be found back home. But lots of our photographs also detail the unique architecture and events we find on our travels. For some of these sights, nobody would believe they existed if we didn’t take a photo!

Whether you are a keen amateur or a professional photographer, you are probably always on the lookout for that elusive perfect shot

. The image that tells a thousand stories and brings to your viewers the emotion and atmosphere of the scene. These are hard to do, and many people can spend a lifetime hunting for it. Of course, there are many places in the world to amaze us and delight us, so we can keep going to find that perfect picture to bring home.

Locationless Living Venice

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If you are travelling through Europe

, you may well make a stop somewhere in Italy. Italy has several regions that can provide incredible photographic opportunities. Italy is particularly well-known for its iconic cities like Rome and Venice

. However, if you can tear yourself away from the history and culture that fills these places, you may be able to get one of those once-in-a-lifetime shots off the beaten track.

One area that is becoming particularly popular with camera enthusiasts is Positano. It may only be a village, but many rave about the atmosphere, the beauty of the landscape, and the quality of the light in this area. Positano is situated on the Amalfi coast

and forms a commune. A lot of musicians have enjoyed this incredible holiday spot, using the vibe of the little cafes to compose songs like the Rolling Stones’ “Midnight Rambler

”. There is also a little harbor and a beach here.

There are steep slopes

to climb to get the best views over the sea, but they are well worth the climb. This lovely sheltered spot is warm and dry more than other areas in Italy which is why it is quickly becoming a tourist hotspot. You may want to visit a couple of times and different points in the year to determine when is best to take your photos, or just to make the most of an empty beach! You can try a website like Venere

to help  you pick the right accommodation for your stay.

The hustle and bustle are definitely left behind in the cities when you come to this darling little place. Laze all day on the beach, take a little sailing trip or climb the steep paths and slopes to find your favorite vantage point. This place doesn’t provide a wealth of things to do, but it does inspire your creativity and seems to really focus your mind to your next artistic project. Take the slower pace, and enjoy a rest, even if your camera doesn’t!


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