Children + Travel = Uh-Oh!

Children + Travel = Uh-Oh!


Hands up if you have ever had a travel experience whilst heading away on holiday with the kids

, and at the end of the day you just wanted to scream and then go to sleep, completely exhausted?

Yes, I bet many of you have!

Over-excitement and over-tiredness can be factors that culminate in tantrums and tears, and ‘are we nearly there yet’ is something you’ll hear over and over again.

Family holidays are fun, colourful and packed with laughter and memories and there are a lot good things kids learn when traveling

. So it’s important to make sure those memories are positive ones, and that you don’t end up reminiscing about the awful airport wait whilst your little darling decided to have a tantrum on the floor!

It is a common occurrence, but one that can be reduced, thankfully.

As before, one of the main problems with travelling from home to your destination is tiredness, and if you have an early flight, getting up in middle of the night can not only disturb regular sleep patterns but introduce over-tiredness, which is never a good thing at the best of times.

Night buses, trains and airport taxis can mean more upheaval as you need to be at a certain point, for a certain time, and the control isn’t completely in your hands, especially if that involves public transport, which is often noisy and too bright for tired eyes.

My suggestion therefore would be the godsend I’ve discovered recently – airport parking! The great thing about this idea is that you can load up the car the night before you travel, maybe whilst your kids are getting some pre-holiday shut-eye, and you can do this at your leisure, so you don’t have the ‘have I forgotten anything’ worries. When it’s time to leave, simply get the kids in the car, stick on a DVD if you can, or some chill-out, quiet music, and your journey to the terminal should be much calmer as a result. Children are often happier when they’re in their own surroundings, after all.

I recently used the Stansted parking facilities, and the cost blew me away, especially when compared to expensive trains, buses and taxis. My car was waiting for me when I returned from holiday, and my drive back home was also much less stressful as a result.

Wherever you’re flying from, you’ll find a service to suit you, with equally fantastic prices and convenience on offer.

parking, which is another I can certainly vouch for. There are some fantastic flight prices from Luton to short-haul destinations, so this is an idea for making your holiday even cheaper, if you’re able to travel to a further airport without the kids being too stressed out.

Don’t let pre-holiday travel ruin your family memories in the sun, after all, whilst you’re still reeling from the stress, your kids will be well over it and happily splashing in the pool – make sure you are too!

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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