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Chiva Chiva Chiva Ron

During the Feria de Manizales the hostel provided all of us a free night of Chiva’ing throughout the streets of Manizales.

What an adventure!

A bunch of us jumped into the Chiva, which is basically a big party bus with a little live 3 or 4 piece band or just music blaring from the speakers, that drives around the city, eventually dropping its passengers off at a club.

I should mention that at least 3/4 of the passengers were Colombian, making for quite the cultural experience 😉

A Chiva ride is not a Chiva ride unless the passengers are passing around huge bottles of ron.

The Chiva often made quick stops and then we would go stand by walls. I don’t know why.

When I said earlier that the Chiva drives all around the city, I really meant it. We drove on the highways with some passengers nearly jumping out the non existent doors.

Traveling is one of those things where age is not important. Grey hair or blond hair, everyone belongs in the Chiva.

Another one of those stops.

All aboard…

A few hours later a few of the Chiva goers convinced me to ditch the Chiva in favor of a discoteca. We met up with his girlfriend’s cousin and they helped me improve my abismal salsa and vallenato dancing skills.

We got back pretty late.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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