Classier London Bar Crawl

London is great stomping ground for an all out bar crawl. But not that kind organized by your hostel or the local tour group. Simply pick a neighborhood and start walking.

I met a friend for after work drinks near Hoxton Square which is currently the trendy area for London nightlife. The joke’s on everyone else because if such a think like after work drinks were that popular i’d start drinking by midday.

The classic British pubs are surprisingly packed by five with a mix of suits and the jeans crowd. I really enjoyed sitting across from the beers on tap. With names like Dragon Slayer and Titanic I thought the bartender was playing a joke. I ordered fried brie to wash down my glass of Titanic. The brie was a disaster, much like the ship they named it after.

Next up was this cheery bar. There is little else to describe it as. We gulped our Corona and left. I really wish I was in a Mexican jail then spend  any more time there. We left soonafter.

On the way to the next bar we passed these fools. October was many months ago. But apparently university organizations and “freshers” organize dress up parties. But unlike the United States they take these parties to the bars eventually. Its a tradition apparently.

Last up was a bar that was ironically named Favela. I visited a favela

while traveling in Rio and was not surprised to see the only resemblance was that the menu featured Brazilian food. But the live music was a great sounding band singing in Portuguese.

When in London it is a good idea to end the tour before midnight. Or else you may need to catch five different buses to reach home, rather than the efficient tube that stupidly shuts down at midnight.

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Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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