Convincing my Dad to Visit in Cartagena

I should be studying for my last few final exams but all i focus on is my upcoming trip to South America. Over the past few weeks…okay, months, i have been preparing for my trip coming up in 19 days.

I convinced my dad to visit me in Colombia. Well in truth, he did not need any convincing.
"Hey Dad, airfare to Colombia is on sale and under $300, do you want to come"
"Sure, when should I come"
"It's cheapest in June. Why don't you come visit me in Cartagena, a really beautiful Caribbean city. The only potential issue is its really hot, probably the hottest and most humid place I have been."
Thats okay, let me give you my credit card information and you can book me my flight."

I called Spirit airlines to get the super cheap ticket and encountered a ticket agent who did not know they her company sells tickets to Colombia. I told her I was booking a ticket to Cartagena, Colombia. In response she said, "Okay, so its Columbia, South Carolina. Which dates?" This went back and forth until i convinced her to double check and sure enough she found the tickets to Cartagena, Colombia. On June 10, my Dad will come to visit me in this lovely city!


…Just kidding. Sort of. That is Cartagena, but its one of the slums. We won't be strolling around that area of Cartagena but rather in this area.

Jason Bartoli

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