Cool Holidays Visiting the Arctic Circle

An innovative idea for a break is staying in an unusual location. One concept that is taking off in a big way is that of staying in ice hotels. It affords a unique and memorable experience that is sure to give a real different flavor to holiday snaps and anecdotes.

What is an Ice Hotel?

ice gallery in lapponia 01

The concept is an expansion on the classic cliché of an igloo. Temporary by nature, but large and well appointed, they provide anything a regular hotel can, from a comfortable bed to fine dining and wonderful bars. The attraction is obviously the experience, and as such the frigid nature of the building becomes part of the draw. Depending on where you go, there are additional features, such as sleigh rides, saunas, and even the northern lights. All of this is in a temporary but luxurious setting.

Where is Best to Go?

Well, it’s unlikely that these are going to take off in Belize or Dubai, so you have to go to less temperate areas for the experience. Visiting the Arctic Circle

is one of the best destinations if you want to experience sleeping in ice. As the hotels are essentially dependent on the sub-zero temperatures, the colder climes provide a variety of these hotels, worth visiting not just for novelty but also for the service and pampering attendant to a luxury hotel.

Hôtel de Glace - Québec

The benefits to visiting an ice hotel are surprisingly varied. You will never see the same structure again, after you have stayed there. The service is almost always five stars, and you can be as pampered as you like. The optional excursions, depending on location, can often be tailored to your party. The exhilaration of the crisp scenery and the possibilities for a romantic break or a memorable family holiday make it just as attractive as an exotic holiday.


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