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From the Galapagos Islands to Glasgow, the world of the cruise holiday has rapidly expanded in recent years. This form of travel used to be synonymous with a rather staid experience mainly enjoyed by those of more mature years. However, cruises have undergone a makeover and are currently enjoyed by all age groups and cover all destinations.

When first selecting this type of travel try to carry out some serious research. Prices do vary and there are a wide variety of cruise deals to be found

, so it really pays to examine all the options offered by the different travel companies.

If your ambition is to see the Northern Lights

and enjoy a little Nordic sightseeing at the same time, then check out the range of trips that will take you to your destination. Heightened solar activity in 2013 means that this cosmic lightshow will be even more spectacular than usual and thanks to the low population figures and relatively unpolluted atmosphere in these northern parts anyone taking a voyage to Norway is in for a visual treat. The best time to spot this beautiful natural phenomenon is between September and March, and a clear sky is a necessity. The eerie green florescent display of the aurora borealis is totally breathtaking and anyone travelling to destinations within reach of the Arctic Circle will have an excellent chance of enjoying these heavenly fireworks. 

Northern Lights Ilulissat (by Klaus Poulsen)

One of the best ways to explore the world is to travel along some of the mighty rivers that encompass the planet. Cruises are no longer restricted to the high seas and river trips have become increasingly more popular. Some of these types of break are very affordable, so if you’ve always wanted to travel the length and breadth of France, for example, stopping off along the way to visit Monet’s garden in Giverny or perhaps spending a few days in Paris then check out all the options on offer. There are many deals to be found for those who want to explore Egypt and discover its history by taking a trip down the Nile, the novelist, Agatha Christie made this particular journey infamous in her widely read book but for the most part murder and mayhem remain firmly between the covers of her thrillers and travellers can just sit back and dream while passing through a phenomenal landscape of pyramids and palaces.

Some travellers might prefer to travel further afield to sample the delights of South East Asia and then return to this part of the continent at a later date. Singapore, Bali and Ho Chi Minh City are just a few of the destinations that are now included on the cruise itinerary.  If you want to follow in the footsteps of the great naturalist, Charles Darwin and visit some of the spots first explored by ‘The Beagle’ then why not book a trip to The Galapagos Isles, off the coast of Ecuador, and see for yourself the giant tortoises, spitting iguanas and some of the other members of the islands’ colourful bestiary. Cruising is most definitely not boring.

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