Dating down under: tips for expats

Often the biggest difficulty for people from different countries

living in Australia is not getting dates. Australians are generally comfortable with inter-cultural relationships, but there are different customs that apply to different countries.

Dating etiquette

The famous laid-back attitude of Australians means they don’t tend to like to be over-affectionate in public. This is important, as they tend to go out in groups more than in couples. In fact, whether you’re dating Sydney

or Melbourne singles, many relationships can start in group situations. The first ‘solo date’ may not happen for a while.

This type of group dating is often misinterpreted for matchmaking, but most of the time it’s just a simple way for singles

to meet and maybe find someone they’re attracted to. The organiser often doesn’t have a particular potential couple in mind, and this can take the pressure off the event and allow everyone to have a good time irrespective of what might happen later.

Dating equality

Similarly, women are used to paying their own way. Stemming from group situations, where the bill is split, dating – even in the context of a relationship – is a lot less informal, and it’s often assumed both parties will contribute to the cost. This can seem ungentlemanly to people from different cultures, but it eases the pressure and can make a date – particularly an expensive one – a much more enjoyable experience.

Women in Australia are generally a lot more forward than they are in Britain and America. It’s not unusual for women to make the first move, invite a man out, or be the first one to express an interest.

Dating inspiration

There are many different activities and events

that are ideal in both group and romantic situations, and most Australian cities offer plenty of opportunities for dating, so you shouldn’t be stuck for ideas. If you’re going to be with a group, a picnic, an excursion or even just some drinks in a bar can provide a relaxed environment.

For one-to-one dates, don’t discount outdoor activities – the weather back home may not be good enough, but in Australia an activity date can be a good way to focus on doing something together while having fun.

The key to dating in Australia is to not take it too seriously. It is not uncommon to joke around together and act a lot more relaxed than you might typically in other countries. This atmosphere can take some getting used to, but ultimately it can mean two people get to know each other better and have a much more honest beginning to their relationship.

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